Land Ownership vs. Urban Agriculture

‘Back to the Land,’ Really? How does urban farming compare to rural farming in terms of land ownership, food justice, and community? The food justice movement is an important example of how communities of color are reclaiming collective power in a society that is systematically set up to hinder their wellbeing and success. Access toContinue reading “Land Ownership vs. Urban Agriculture”

Urban Ag as Resilience to Persistent Social Inequity

When I wrote City Bountiful: A Century of Community Gardening in America (University of California Press, 2005), my underlying goal was permanent community gardens and urban farms as part of our urban and suburban fabric.  Through a historical account of the critical phases of garden programs, I showed the persistent, if episodic, support community gardensContinue reading “Urban Ag as Resilience to Persistent Social Inequity”

Connecting the Rural and Urban Experience

Hello. I’m excited to join the Cultivating Justice blog.  My perspective grows out of 25 years as a researcher and landscape architect studying historical and contemporary community open space, with particular focus on community gardens, urban agriculture, and the changing role of parks in low-income communities.  As passionate as I am that cities should provideContinue reading “Connecting the Rural and Urban Experience”